Our New Fresh Focus – A Special Organic Green Tea

Finally – It’s time to welcome the newest member of the TEATOX Family: The Fresh Focus Tea! After a long time of preparation by our experts and the TEATOX team we are now ready to stand by your side in demanding and stressful times with this refreshing green tea. A refreshing organic green tea, which is not only delicious but will also help you with eucalyptus, ginseng and ginkgo to stay focused and concentrated.

Fresh Focus: Organic Green Tea

The Fresh Focus was developed as a natural help during times of high work loads and stress. Its powerful organic ingredients like gingko, ginseng or orange peel are known for their natural powers, supporting mental performance and an alert mind.

We know, spring is just around the corner, so if you are opting for a cold drink rather than a hot one, we recommend you to try our Fresh Focus Iced Tea recipe – perfect to enjoy the first warm rays of sunshine on your terrace or in the park!


Green tea … has a slightly bitter and tangy, but still fresh taste. Our organic green tea blend is from Japan and Korea. Both countries are known for their traditional tea culture, which is focused on the positive effects green tea has on the human body. These include the prevention of health issues, as well as the nutritional supply with vitamins, multiple minerals and trace minerals.

Orange zest … is a true miracle cure. Orange zests are full of flavonoids, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. They are said to support the body in getting rid of excess fat, as well as to fight digestive problems and respiratory diseases. It is crucial to only use organic and not sprayed zests for this matter, just as we do in our Fresh Focus Tea!

Ginger … contains spicy substances, which stimulate the digestive system, whereby the root literally warms you from the inside. In addition, ginger fights inflammations and kills bacteria – perfect for treating colds!

Apple mint … is, thanks to its low content in menthol, milder and softer than other types of mint. It is rich in flavonoids and essential oils, which show pain reducing, anti-inflammatory and tonic properties. The apple mint enlivens the heart and relaxes the brain.

Rosemary … is a mediterranean plant with strong healing powers. The little rosemary needles are full of essential oils and have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, stimulating and tonic properties. Additionally, it gives the tea a slightly mediterranean note.

Eucalyptus … is a healing plant, which shows many positive effects thanks to its essential oils. The essential oils in the eucalyptus plant are anticonvulsive and anti-inflammatory. It can help treat respiratory diseases, as well as tussis and bronchitis, as it has mucolytic properties.

Ginkgo … is a plant originally from China and Japan. Thanks to its high content in flavonoids, ginkgolides and terpenes ginkgo is able to release important messengers in our brains, which are said to strengthen the memory and the learning ability. The healing plant is perfect to increase your ability to focus and is thus the perfect ingredient for the Fresh Focus.

Guaraná seeds … have a caffeine content five times as high as coffee. At the same time though, they are said to not be as harsh to the body as coffee, since they do not attack the stomach lining and stay in the body for up to 6 hours. The caffeine has an enlivening effect and increases your ability to focus.

Ginseng … is a healing root in chinese medicine. The root is said to be the perfect remedy to support the immune system, to reduce stress and fight fatigue. The ginseng root is also recommended to be used for regeneration after an illness, to strengthen the body and support its natural regeneration processes.