Looking for a healthy and tasty snack to get you through your afternoon depth? We’ve get something for you! Fashion and lifestyle blogger Michèle from the blog the fashion fraction, told us her secret recipe for super healthy and yummy „Matcha Protein Bars“. Not only a winner for matcha lovers,  but additionally vegan, as well as gluten and refined sugar free!

Michèle is one of Swizterlands top fashion bloggers. On the fashion fraction she shares the latest fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends. On Instagram she also posts some great fitness, fashion and clean, healthy eating inspiration. As a big matcha lover, she created a healthy treat that will help to satitisfy your sugar cravings.

In order not to grab for a overly sugared Snickers from the super market around the corner or for the next bar of chocolate when I feel slightly hungry, I always try to have a healthier snack option close at hand. One of these options is this yummy, super food protein bar.

What you need:
180g Brown Rice Proteinpulver (Attention: Whey Protein won’t work!)
60 Oat flour
85g Almond Butter
250ml Almond Milk (or milk of choice)
4tbsp Matcha Powder
3tbsp Stevia
Dark chocolate

How you do it:
1. Cover an oven dish with parchment paper
2. In a bowl, mix almond butter, milk and stevia
3. In a second bowl mix protein powder, oat flour and matcha
4. Slowly add the protein-flour-matcha mixture to the first bowl
5. Mix well until the mixture is even and has a texture like cookie dough
6. Put the mixture into the prepared oven dish and flatten the surface
7. Cover the oven dish with a plastic wrap and put into a refrigerator over night
8. The next day: slice the protein bars
9. Optional: Melt the chocolate and drizzle over the protein bars

Matcha_bar Kopie

They’re also great to store: Just tightly wrap them in clingfilm, put them into the fridge and have something to snack without guilty conscience even days later.

„Sugar monster, creative mind and shoe addict“ – this is how Michèle describe herself. The 23 year old is an art director and fashion blogger. At she shares her love and passion for fashion and lifestyle. As a passionate cook and active person she gives great advice on her blog and on Instagram. For daily outfit, travel and healthy recipe inspiration follow her!