Bliss Balls Recipe: Goji Berry Orange Bliss Balls

Lovely Fanny shared this amazing goji berry orange bliss balls recipe on her blog The perfect healthy snack for on the go! Lots of vitamins and healthy fats and a good alternative to store-bought sugar-laden snacks like granola bars. And the best thing is: They are SO easy!

Goji Berry Bliss Balls Recipe

Bliss Balls Recipe“Anyone looking for a delicious, healthy and super easy snack idea? Well, have you ever heard of bliss balls? You probably have, but I am sure you have never tried orange goji berry bliss balls that taste like absolute heaven. Those little treats are just so amazingly delicious. Though I am not sure, is it the goji berries that make them taste amazing, the pecans, the sun flower seeds? I don’t know. However I do know that the combination of all the three of them and the addition of orange peel, vanilla and cinnamon ends up tasting like the most delicious treat.

makes approx. 16 small bliss balls:
– 50g goji berries
– 25g pecans
– 25g sunflower seeds
– 1 vanilla bean
– ¼ tsp cinnamon
– a dash of ground ginger
– 1tbs orange juice
– peal of ½ orange 
to roll your bliss balls in:
– energy matcha
– cacao powder
– amaranth pops
– chia seeds
1. Add all your ingredients into a food processor and process until it has come together and the consistency resembles cookie dough and is easily mouldable into whatever shape you like.
2. Roll your “dough” into equally sized bliss balls. Roll them in whatever you like, to prevent them from sticking to everything. I decided to go with cacao powder, matcha powder, chia seeds and amaranth pops.
3. Eat and enjoy!

Voila, I mean that was pretty easy, right? I absolutely love those little raw treats as a snack, especially during wintertime when the variety of fresh fruit is rather limited in Switzerland. I mean come on, admit it, you kind of get sick of apples and pears after a while, don’t you? Well I do that is why I recently discovered the beauty of those delicious little bliss ball snacks. Sooooo why are you still here, reading this? You should already be standing in your kitchen throwing ingredients in your blender, so go off, get started!”