The 5 Best Summer Skincare Tips

Summer time is skirt time! Who doesn’t want glowing skin in summer? We do! This is why we asked our favourite German beauty blogger and skin expert Siska, from the blog „Klischee“ about her five top tips for beautiful summer skin. 

1. Brush it of: Dry brushing!
Dry… what? You haven’t heard of dry brushing yet? Ok, let’s change it – now! Dry brushing is an ancient healing practice to brush off dead and dry skin. Beauty bloggers and editors claim it’s the secret of soft and glowing skin in summer (and winter). Also it may prevent cellulite. Top models like Victoria Secret angel, Mirander Kerr brush her skin (daily!) before their morning shower. Convinced to give it a try?

Follow these simple steps: best in the morning, starting at the feet, brush up the legs in long, smooth strokes. For lymph flow, always try to brush towards the heart/chest area where the lymph system drains. Repeat the process with the arms. Start with the hands and brushing up the arms towards the heart. Try to brush each section about 10 times. Repeat the process on your abdomen and back. Note: Don’t brush too hard! A soft and smooth stroke often works best. My favourite brush is the MIO body brush, however there are many cheap alternatives which you can find at any local health food store. So no more excuses! Go and brush it off.

2. Peelings!
The secret of glowing and soft skin is a definitely peelings. My favourite is a homemade coconut oil peeling which smells like heaven in a jar. Plus it’s cheaper than any product you can buy. It only takes a few minutes to mix it all together. Here is how: mix 2 tablespoons of brown cane sugar with one big tablespoon of young virgin coconut oil. Massage your whole body with the peeling, leave out the face. Be gentle, no need to massage too hard! It’s best do this twice a week. Coconut oil helps to nourish and hydrate your skin and makes your skin glow. It also makes a great gift: 100 % organic, made with love.

3. Body Oils
Want to have glowing skin, remember that body care and taking time for yourself is important! You should give yourself that extra bit of time and love, your body will appreciate it. Therefore, I made a promise to myself to use body oil after every shower. This has become my morning and sometimes my nighttime ritual. My current favourite is the “Karmameju body oil“, an organic skincare brand from Denmark. It smells divine – of almond and orange and reminds me of my last holidays in the south of Spain. It feels like a mini holiday every morning. It leaves my body moist, soft and hydrated. It really makes such a difference! My other tip for glowing skin is to always try to stay hydrated. Especially in the summer time I drink a lot of water and homemade ice teas.

4. Self Tanning
Ever since I got a really bad sun burn a few summer ago, I try to avoid the sun as much as possible. I always use SPF 50 (in my face) and try not to lie in the sun, especially during the morning and lunch hours. I know this makes it harder to get a tan. However, I strongly believe in self-tanning. Nowadays there are now so many brands to choose from and the days of yellow, uneven skin and a terrible smell are definitely over. My current favourite is the new eco brand Sonya from sunny Australia. All their products are vegan and 100 % natural. They are very easy to apply and last super long. The effect will certainly look like 3 weeks of Ibiza.

5. Get the glow!
Finally, my last secret is illuminating products. They help your skin to look  more even and glowing. Since last year my absolute favourite is the American brand Prtty Peaushun. Hollywood stars and models are obsessed with this miracle product, because it really works! It comes in three shades and the smell reminds me of pink grapefruit. Apply it after showering instead of your moisturiser or on top of it and see how glowing and shiny your skin will get in seconds. So ladies, give yourself this extra 10 minutes and get the summer glow!